RIP Gene Feist, Founder of The Roundabout Theater Company

I worked for the Roundabout Theatre Company, not only during my nascent years as an actor but also during their turbulent times of chapter 11. Gene was a very, creative individual. I watched him mount several productions and he certainly had a keen intelligence and a strong conceptual mind. Gene and Michael Fried’s (co-founder) strengths did not lie in management. That being said, they launched what became a great theater company from a very humble venue. I was the house-manager and my first show was in that “Stage I” basement underneath the supermarket. (Actually titled assistant-house manager since I had the smaller house, James DiPaola managed the larger new theater “Stage II” that became so financially problematic.) One of my duties as house manager was to plead with the supermarket manager to please, please turn off the noisy automatic doors directly overhead of us, until the end of the performances. (He usually did, … sometimes grudgingly.) For all his interesting quirks, I am very indebted to Gene and the Roundabout for introducing me to professional theatre; how to go about the machinations of auditions, (I was a reader) press, publicity and public relations, and yes, how not to, and most of all introducing me to my wife. Fortunately after many years, I reconnected with him some months back and it was very gratifying to me when he confided his faith in my talent when I was a young man and complemented me on my achievements in the trade. Gene will abide in my memory as a foremost character in my personal theatrical history and he certainly should, for his achievements in this very, very rough business, remain so in the theatrical history of New York. Gene, thank you and rest in peace. – Ted Minos, Producing Artistic Director, Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival

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