8 More Magnificent performances of HENRY IV

Falstaff, banished yesterday but, yet. . . he returns tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow . . . !

8 more magnificent performances of HENRY IV

July 22-August 1, Wed. thru Sat. 7:00PM (note earlier time), Inwood Hill Park Peninsula, FREE. Don’t miss it, don’t miss it, don’t miss it!

InwoodShakes-Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There ™ www.inwoodshakespearefestival.com

left to right: Jonathan Spencer (Chief Justice), Marc Randolph Henry (John of Lancaster), Zack Gafin (Clarence), Kathryn Fray (Gloucester) – Sam Leichter (Henry V). Kneeling: Cody LeRoy Wilson (Poins), Michael Hagins (Pistol), B.J. Alexander (Bardolph), LaVerne Decker (Justice Shallow), Richard Henry Scofield (Falstaff). Photo, Ted Minos (moose character ™ Lee/Minos)

Falstaff banished w-moose