Congratulations to the cast & crew of HENRY IV (parts 1 & 2)

Congratulations to cast & crew for the performances of HENRY IV (1&2) in Inwood Hill Park Peninsula! Your exemplary work brought 2 (compacted but powerfully so) of Shakespeare’s finest works, free to Northern Manhattan audiences, with an abundance of energy, creativity and humanity. Much appreciation is due to you for sharing your fine abilities with us and illuminating this masterpiece. Thanks to J.B. Alexander, La Verne Decker, Katheryn Fray, Zack Gafin, Michael Hagins, Marc Randolph Henry, Lucy Lavely, Sam Leichter, Charles V. Marti, Roger Rathburn, Christian Ryan, Richard Henry Scofield, Jonathan Spencer, Cody LeRoy Wilson, Catherine Bruce, Ray A. Rodriguez, Owen Alderson, Nora Beard, Sipei Fang, Lee Kaplan, Doc Holliday, Miranda (and Sebastian Bruce for closing-night assistance).

– Falstaff: “We have heard the chimes at midnight Master Shallow.” Shallow: “That we have, that we have, that we have; in faith, Sir John, we have.”

La Verne Decker (Justice Shallow), Richard Henry Scofield (Sir John Falstaff) Photo, Ted Minos.

Cast, left to right: Jonathan Spencer, Zack Gafin, Charles V. Marti, LaVerne Decker, March Randolph Henry, Katheryn Fray, Michael Hagins, Lucy Lavely, Christian Ryan, Roger Rathburn, Sam Leichter, Richard Henry Scofield, Cody LeRoy Wilson, J.B. Alexander. Photo, Ted Minos.

We have heard the Chimes at Midnight Master Shallow

Curtain Henry iv