Tuesday 8/5/15

Hello everyone,

I had a very productive conversation with the parks department today (Almost 16 years to the day of our first performance on the peninsula). In a nutshell they love the Inwood Shakespeare Festival & what Cathy & I have done over the years and that they wish us to continue.

We will meet this September, to discuss how we will proceed.

Thanks are due to everyone who voiced their support. It was very beneficial.

It will always be important to us that the public let the parks & elected officials know that what we do validates our use of the venue, and validates their support; for we exist only upon the good graces of the parks and Your public support.

We will continue then, and nourish our dream of a dedicated performing arts venue on the Inwood Hill Park peninsula for the use of not only Inwood Shakespeare Festival / Moose Hall Theater Company but other talented organizations and artists that we are blessed to have and will have in our community in the future.

Thanks again to the City of NY/Parks & Recreation and you!

Have a wonderful summer and next season . . .
. . . Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There! ™

Ted Minos
Founder, producing artistic director
Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival