Mitch Tebo: Actor/Freelance Project Manager

Having worked as an actor with Ted in two productions at Inwood Shakespeare Festival I have nothing but praise for his astute and inventive direction. Ted is one of those rare directors who knows how to support actors in the development of their roles while at the same time giving them the space to connect with their own creative resources. Ted’s success at Inwood for the past fifteen years is further evidence of his producing and directing talent. He has built a strong organization that brings exciting and quality theater to both Inwood and the greater NYC communities. He would be an invaluable asset to any creative enterprise.

Aaron Simms: Assistant Company Manager at China Doll Broadway

Ted is a consummate professional artist that has a mind and heart for both artist and audience. Through his ministry of offering access to the arts to an under-served community, he has brought entertainment and enlightenment for over 16 years to Northern Manhattan through the programming of his Moose Hall Theatre Company. Although he has performed leading roles in many of Shakespeare’s finest plays, he has also established himself as a writer through adapting and creating new work. These productions are also usually helmed by Minos as a director and producer in site specific outdoor productions in Inwood Hill Park. Through these diverse skills he is able to connect with audiences on a variety of levels. By this short description, it is no doubt apparent that Ted is a man of the theater. It takes great talent, tenacity, and devotion to have accomplished what Ted has been able to do. If you are looking for such qualities in a collaborator, then I would recommend Ted Minos. 

Kelly Jean Clair: Actress/Entertainment Professional

I highly recommend Ted Minos. I had to good fortune to work with him on KING LEAR in one of my dream roles as “Goneril”. Ted has such a vast working knowledge of Shakespeare that even working on such a ‘dark’ piece was an absolute joy! Ted is very organized and a well-rounded leader with great communication skills and is always willing to listen to ideas. If you get a chance to work with Ted, count yourself as lucky.

Sean MacBride Murray: Actor/Photographer at SMBM Photography

I have had the pleasure of working with Ted for a number of years, acting in shows he’s directed and serving as his Assistant Director on The Tempest. 

As a director, Ted is able to communicate his vision for the show in a way that fosters creativity in his actors. He is able to guide actors to their best performance. He ability to cast a show with veteran as well as rookie actors is part of his genius. He can spot talent, even through a not-so-perfect audition or callback, and assemble the right cast for his vision of the show. 

As an artistic director, Ted has been able to maintain free outdoor theatre experiences for the Northern Manhattan community for over 15 years. It is his hard work and commitment that have kept the Inwood Shakespeare Festival going. 

As an actor, Ted brings that same commitment and hard work to each role. I had the joy to perform with him in a production of Othello and marveled at the transformation he made every night. 

Kevin Shinnick: Actor/EXEC DIR . www.TETCNY.org

I worked with Ted Minos for several years and he is a marvelous positive director. Plus, with his family, he has produced free outdoor theatre in Inwood NY that attracts large crowds, and is often the first introduction for many about the joy and wonder that is live theatre.