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Left to right: TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA Ben Dawson (Valentine) Elisabeth Ness (Silvia), Dan Lawrence (Proteus), Carla Duval (Julia) photo, Ted Minos June 8th-25th, FREE Inwood Hill Park Peninsula, 7:30 pm

Yes everyone, this is a very special season . . . Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There! ™ to YOUR Inwood Shakespeare Festival.


Look out . . . outlaws in the Inwood Hood – 2 Gentlemen of Verona

Come together . . . one more time!



Don’t miss this very special production of THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA

InwoodShakes-Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There ™


Clockwise: sitting Ray A. Rodriguez (Fight Director), kneeling with club, Sarah Sumner (Outlaw 3), Mackenzie Menter (Outlaw 2), Charles Lear (Outlaw 4), Ben Dawson (Valentine), Christopher McIntyre (Speed), Maggie Schweppe (Outlaw 1), Marcus Denard Johnson (Outlaw 5). Photo Ted Minos


2 Gentlemen of Verona – a VERY special production. Don’t miss it!

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TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA – A VERY special production, don’t miss it! June 8-25 Inwood Hill Park Peninsula

InwoodShakes Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There ™ Come together . . . one more time!

Left to right: Front row, Miranda (Outlaw 6), Doc Holliday (Crab), Second Row: Christopher McIntyre (Speed), Brandon Boruch (Launce), Third row, Ben Dawson (Valentine), Elisabeth Ness (Silvia), Carla Duval (Julia), Dan Lawrence (Proteus). Photo Ted Minos — at Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival.

Two Gents read-through, tonight!

2 gents read-thru5-2-16

Excellent read-through from this terrific table of talent tonight of TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA. Very excited to begin rehearsals. Thank you all!

Clockwise from left: Mackenzie Menter, Carla Duval, Len Rella, La Verne Decker, Elisabeth Ness, Christopher McIntyre, Sarah Sumner, Marcus D. Johnson, Dan Lawrence, Ben Dawson, Dennis Vargas, Charles Lear.

2 Gentlemen of Verona – June 8-25, Wed. thru. Sat. 7:30 pm Inwood Hill Park Peninsula – Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There! ™ –


Doc learing lines 3-4-16

. . . Doc Holliday is getting a leg-up on his role . . .

“Startin’ early to get the hang of first folio spellings!  TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA – Callbacks tomorrow.

Grrreat talent coming in . . . but the role of CRAB is NOT up for grrrrrrrabs!    – Doc Holliday, Canis lupus familiaris, actor.

InwoodShakes-Bring a blanket (& a bone) And We’ll See You There! ™” www.inwoodshakespearefestival.com

Gearing-up . . . General Auditions tomorrow, Saturday 2/27 for TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA for Inwood Shakespeare Festival 2016 – 17th!!! Season of FREE theatre & music in Inwood Hill Park Peninsula – this is a special year . . . Oh fyi, crab the dour dog is cast.

(Doc Hollday Canis lupus familiaris – Actor) Sniff-me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Doc-Holliday-147602471930636/info…

Coming June 8-25 Wed. thru Sat. 7:30 PM FREE – Inwood Hill Park Peninsula www.inwoodshakespearefestival.com
Bring A Blanket (& a bone) & We’ll See You There! tm


CASTING – Inwood Shakespeare Festival 2016 – THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA


Moose Hall Theatre Company is casting Inwood Shakespeare Festival’s seventeenth annual summer season of acclaimed free outdoor theatre in Inwood Hill Park with The Two Gentlemen of Verona (runs June 8-25) Actively seeking multi/cultural non-traditional casting. Ted Minos, Producing Artistic Director. Shows run in Inwood Hill Park, Peninsula in Northern NYC. www.inwoodshakespearefestival.com Producer has applied for Equity Showcase code. No Pay. Twitter @moosehall Facebook: Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival.

Also seeking Assistant Director and Stage Manager for both projects. Please send resumes to the address below.

TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA by William Shakespeare. Director, Ted Minos. Seeking artists with classical experience, good language and movement skills. Singing a plus. Crab the dog, cast. All other roles open. Actively seeking non-traditional multicultural cast.
VALENTINE:  Young nobleman. In love with Silvia. Proteus best friend. Discovers resources of passion and strength. Stage-fighting. Comic ability.
PROTEUS: Young nobleman. Valentine’s trusted friend becomes rival for Julia. Outwardly loyal, passionate and charming; finds a duplicitous dark self-serving side. Comic ability.
JULIA:  Young lady of Verona. In love with Proteus. Steadfast, strong and clever. Disguises herself as a man in her search for Proteus.
SILVIA:  Young lady of Milan. Daughter of the Duke. Strong convictions, loyal, honest, courageous. In love with Valentine.
DUKE OF MILAN:  Silvia’s father. Controlling, overbearingly protective, punitive.
LUCETTA:  Julia’s lady in waiting. Comic confidant, outspoken.
LAUNCE: Female or male. Proteus’ servant. Clown, must be comfortable working with a large dog, his companion, Crab. Clever. Strong comic ability. Moves well.
SPEED:  Female or male. Valentine’s page.Clown, friends with Launce. Strong comic ability. Move well.
THURIO:  Valentine’s foolish rival for Silvia. Feckless persistence. Comic ability. Singing a plus.
SIR EGLAMOUR: Knight at the Duke’s court. Silvia’s accomplice to escape her father the Duke. Appears sympathetic and supportive.
ANTONIO:  Proteus’s father. Concerned, pragmatic.
HOST: Female or male. Runs Inn where Julia stays. Wry realist.
OUTLAWS 1, 2 and 3:  Female or male. Desperate men yearning for a better life. Comic ability. Move very well, stage-fighting experience.
PANTHINO:  Antonio’s servant and confidant. Grounded, common sense.]
Cross-gender casting considered for some roles. Some actors will play multiple roles.

Auditions by appointment only. Generals: February 27. Callbacks: March 5. Further auditions TBA.

Send pix & résumés to Casting, Moose Hall Theatre Company/Inwood Shakespeare Festival, 25 Indian Road Studio LA, New York, NY 10034.

Also seeking Assistant Director and Stage Manager for both productions. Please send resume marked (Assistant Director) or (Stage Manager) to Ted Minos. Same address as above. Producer has applied for Equity Showcase Code. NO PAY

Accepting submissions for College interns (See College Intern Program at www.inwoodshakespearefestival.com) costume, set, administration assistants; Sound; Lighting Assistants; and Crew Positions. Those applying for College Intern & staff positions: Attn. Catherine Bruce, Technical Producer.

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