PRESENTING SHAKESPEARE 1,100 Posters from Around the World

Our own brilliant Lee Kaplan has had his poster for Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival THE COMEDY OF ERRORS included as one the many beautiful and clever selections in this wonderful book!! (It was also a joy to produce this Shakespeare comic gem and direct the very talented cast for ISF in 2010)

PRESENTING SHAKESPEARE 1,100 Posters from Around the World
by Mirko Ilic and Steven Heller. Preface by Julie Taymor


Tuesday 8/5/15

Hello everyone,

I had a very productive conversation with the parks department today (Almost 16 years to the day of our first performance on the peninsula). In a nutshell they love the Inwood Shakespeare Festival & what Cathy & I have done over the years and that they wish us to continue.

We will meet this September, to discuss how we will proceed.

Thanks are due to everyone who voiced their support. It was very beneficial.

It will always be important to us that the public let the parks & elected officials know that what we do validates our use of the venue, and validates their support; for we exist only upon the good graces of the parks and Your public support.

We will continue then, and nourish our dream of a dedicated performing arts venue on the Inwood Hill Park peninsula for the use of not only Inwood Shakespeare Festival / Moose Hall Theater Company but other talented organizations and artists that we are blessed to have and will have in our community in the future.

Thanks again to the City of NY/Parks & Recreation and you!

Have a wonderful summer and next season . . .
. . . Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There! ™

Ted Minos
Founder, producing artistic director
Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival


Congratulations to the cast & crew of HENRY IV (parts 1 & 2)

Congratulations to cast & crew for the performances of HENRY IV (1&2) in Inwood Hill Park Peninsula! Your exemplary work brought 2 (compacted but powerfully so) of Shakespeare’s finest works, free to Northern Manhattan audiences, with an abundance of energy, creativity and humanity. Much appreciation is due to you for sharing your fine abilities with us and illuminating this masterpiece. Thanks to J.B. Alexander, La Verne Decker, Katheryn Fray, Zack Gafin, Michael Hagins, Marc Randolph Henry, Lucy Lavely, Sam Leichter, Charles V. Marti, Roger Rathburn, Christian Ryan, Richard Henry Scofield, Jonathan Spencer, Cody LeRoy Wilson, Catherine Bruce, Ray A. Rodriguez, Owen Alderson, Nora Beard, Sipei Fang, Lee Kaplan, Doc Holliday, Miranda (and Sebastian Bruce for closing-night assistance).

– Falstaff: “We have heard the chimes at midnight Master Shallow.” Shallow: “That we have, that we have, that we have; in faith, Sir John, we have.”

La Verne Decker (Justice Shallow), Richard Henry Scofield (Sir John Falstaff) Photo, Ted Minos.

Cast, left to right: Jonathan Spencer, Zack Gafin, Charles V. Marti, LaVerne Decker, March Randolph Henry, Katheryn Fray, Michael Hagins, Lucy Lavely, Christian Ryan, Roger Rathburn, Sam Leichter, Richard Henry Scofield, Cody LeRoy Wilson, J.B. Alexander. Photo, Ted Minos.

We have heard the Chimes at Midnight Master Shallow

Curtain Henry iv

Tonight the Final performance of HENRY IV Perhaps the final performance of Inwood Shakespeare Festival in the Park

TONIGHT August 1, 2015 7:00 PM, Inwood Hill Park Peninsula




I’m sending this brief notice to the general public, public advocates, and artists of Northern Manhattan who consider that free public culture is a vital part of our experience in NY.

Please advocate for the Inwood Shakespeare Festival to the NY/Parks department, if you feel that the culture we have brought to over 43,000 for FREE in Northern Manhattan has been of value. We are powerless without your support, the continued support of the Parks Department and the Northern Manhattan Community at large. If you can, please come to tonight’s performance as an opportunity to show the public how you feel.

TONIGHT August 1, 2015 7:00 PM, Inwood Hill Park Peninsula

This morning I spoke with a Parks Supervisor. It seems that the Parks department may determine that we may no longer request that the peninsula area be cleared for preparation for audience and performance, permit notwithstanding. I can’t underestimate our gratitude to the Parks Department for the support of our company and mandate but, it will be impossible for us to produce further under those conditions.

We realize the challenges of the venue but for what we have brought to the venue and the greater loss of the cultural enrichment that we could bring for the community, we feel that this is unfair.

I believe that Northern Manhattan Parks deserve a FREE flourishing, multi-cultural performance venue that rivals any in New York City.

Thanks – Ted Minos Founder/Producing Artistic Director Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival

Final 2 performances HENRY IV (parts 1&2)

Don’t despair . . . 2 more performances . . . but don’t miss this!

Shakespeare’s HENRY IV (parts 1&2)

tonight & tomorrow, July 31 and August 1

7:00 PM, Inwood Hill Park Peninsula. FREE

InwoodShakes-Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There! ™

Left to right: Richard Henry Scofield (Falstaff), Christian Ryan (Hotspur), Sam Leichter (Prince Hal). Photo, Ted Minos.


See the BATTLE OF SHREWSBURY & bring some snacks

Witness the Battle of Shrewsbury. . . & bring some snacks!

Shakespeare’s HENRY IV (Parts 1&2)


July 29-August 1, Wed. thru Sat. 7:00 PM, Inwood Hill Park Peninsula

Left to right: Marc Randolph Henry (John of Lancaster), Sam Leichter (Prince Hal). Photo, Ted Minos (moose character © Lee/Minos)

leap into the fray


LAST WEEK of the wonderful HENRY IV.

ONLY 4 more performances. Don’t let this opportunity get away!

TONIGHT – July 29 FREE thru-August 1, Wed. thru Sat. 7:00 PM, Inwood Hill Park Peninsula

InwoodShakes-Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There ™

Kathryn Fray (Mistress Quickly), La Verne Decker (Fang). Photo, Ted Minos

Dont miss a moment


A beautiful evening for beautiful music for the young and old(er). Come out and join us! TONIGHT July 27, Inwood Hill Park Peninsula, 7:00 PM – 1 performance only!

Inwood Shakespeare Festival’s FREE Children’s Concert on the Peninsula



Habanera – John Falcone

The Witch’s Cat Who Lost Her Spells – Maddy J Aldis-Evans

The Tortoise and the Hare – John and Katerina Falcone

Rondo Alla Turca – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

InwoodShakes-Bring A Blanket & We’ll See You There!

conductingPeter&WImage from ISF 2014 PETER & THE WOLF. Karla Moe (Flute), Brenda Sakofsky (Flute), Bill Meredith (Oboe), Meryl Abt (Clarinet), Benjamin Fingland (Clarinet), Shelagh Abate (Horn), Jason Sugata (Horn), Jason Covey (Trumpet), Gilbert Dejean (Bassoon), Andrea Herr (Bassoon), Deb Spohnheimer (Bass), Elizabeth Dejean (Narrator), Teresa Cheung (Conductor). Photo Catherine Bruce

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